About unit


  • Performing tasks related to preparation and implementation of legislation in connection with the establishment and well-functioning of international and inter-entity road, railroad, air and pipeline transportation;
  • Participating in development of bilateral agreements with other countries sharing common interest in transport of goods and passengers, and its proper implementation;
  • Preparing the conclusion of international contracts and agreements on international transportation;
  • Cooperating with other countries and international organisations of which Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member;
  • Arranging exchange of bilateral and ECMT licenses, as well as other permits used in international transport;
  • Distributing ECMT licenses to the national carriers;
  • Issuing permits for international and inter-entity carriers of passengers and goods;
  • Harmonising international and inter-entity driving timetables and setting-up basic principles and coordination of activities;
  • Cooperating on issues of transportation with the countries participating in the Stability Pact;
  • Cooperating with competent entity authorities and Brčko District of BiH.

Unit news

Sarajevo – Prague Direct Airline and Bihać - Sarajevo – Podgorica Expressway

Introducing Sarajevo – Prague direct airline and rail traffic were in focus of separate meetings held by the state Minister of Communications and Transport, Edin Forto, with the Czech Republic Minister of Transport, Martin Kupka, and the Czech Railways CEO, Michael Krapinc, and the Chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Directors, Jiri Pos, respectively.


Close Cooperation Between Line Ministers

Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edin Forto, held a working meeting with the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Federation of BiH, Andrijana Katić, in which they agreed to intensify cooperation on the implementation of road and railway infrastructure projects as well as digitalisation projects.


Deputy Janjić at ITF Summit

BiH Ministry of Communications and Transport Delegation headed by BIH Deputy Minister of Communications and Transport, Ognjen Janjić, attends the International Transport Forum (ITF) Summit taking place in Leipzig.