About unit


  • performs inspection and supervision over the implementation of legal regulations within the competence of the Ministry;
  • performs direct and indirect inspection supervision;
  • issues infringement notices and imposes administrative measures in accordance with the applicable legislation;
  • undertakes measures to eliminate irregularities and deficiencies identified by the inspection;
  • coordinates activities with other competent bodies and international organisations carrying out inspection and professional supervision over the implementation of the transport-related legislation;
  • initiates offense proceedings and represents the Ministry before the courts in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the legal proceedings inititated based on issued infringement notices;
  • initiates amendmentsn to the laws and bylaws falling withing the scope of the Ministry's work and other legislation under the competence of the Ministry.

Unit news

Minister Mitrović Visited Rača Border-Crossing

As part of the activities conducted on 24-25 March by the Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vojin Mitrović, the Minister paid visit to the inspectors of the Ministry who carried out their regular activities at the Rača international border crossing.



Report on the activities taken within the „Month of combat against illegal transport“

Following the meeting between the Deputy Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nedžad Branković, with the representatives of the BiH Border Police, FBIH Ministry of Transport and Communications, RS Ministry of Transport and Communications, Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs, RS Ministry of Internal Affairs, RS Republic Administration for Inspection Affairs and BiH Foreign Trade Chamber, BiH Ministry of Communications and Transport has launched the activities on tackling all foreign and domestic natural and legal persons performing road transport operations against the laws and regulations governing this area.