Transport infrastructure, preparation and implementation of projects

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  • Preparing laws and bylaws relating to roads, railways, ports and pipelines;
  • Preparing and participating in the development and implementation of policies, strategies and studies in the field of transport and transport infrastructure in parts related to transport infrastructure;
  • Cooperating with domestic and international institutions and organizations dealing with transport infrastructure;
  • Cooperating with international institutions and organisations of which Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member or aspiring member, and, when authorised, representing BiH;
  • Cooperating with other countries members of EU, CEI, Stability Pact, Adriatic-Ionian Initiative and other relevant associations concerning issues of transport infrastructure;
  • Coordinating activities in connections with construction of infrastructure facilities of international and inter-entity significance, with emphasis on Corridor Vc (Ploče-Sarajevo-Osijek-Budapest), which forms part of the Trans European Network (TEN);
  • Cooperating with competent authorities of neighbouring and other countries on projects of mutual interest;
  • Cooperating with relevant social and political entity and Brčko District authorities and institutions;
  • Preparing, implementing and coordinating implementation of reconstruction projects, reconstruction and construction of international and inter-entity communication networks with the related infrastructure, ensuring works, goods and services in connection with project implementation, in charge of project financial management according to established domestic law or donor/creditor rules, organising and conducting „task force meetings“ in terms of rebuilding, reconstruction and construction of transport sub-sectors, managing database on all projects.

Unit news

Doboj - Tuzla – Zvornik railway will become the artery of the largest industrial region in BiH

“We wish to begin with complete reconstruction of the railway from Doboj to Zvornik and further towards Serbia. There is a strong interest of that country to apply for EU grunts with us in the following period in order to make this railway the artery of the largest industrial region in BiH” said Minister Edin Forto after the meeting the representatives responsible for railway infrastructure.


Construction of an Interstate Bridge near Šćepan Polje Next Year

The construction of an interstate bridge over the Tara River at the conjunction of the main road at Šćepan Polje location will commence next year, as was agreed at the meeting between the Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edin Forto, and the Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Filip Radulović.


We Shall Assist the BiH Border Police In Reducing Traffic Congestions at Border Crossings

The Ministry of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, shall determine the border crossing bottlenecks and, in line with their respective competences, shall work towards improving the infrastructure of such border crossings, as agreed at today’s meeting between Minister Edin Forto and Director Mirko Kuprešaković.


Transport infrastructure, preparation and implementation of projects