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  • carries out activities in relation to postal services, radio, TV, broadcasting and informatization.
  • carries out activities in relation to expert analyses and other materials, as a basis for improvement of the policy of the communications and informatization sector and cooperation with competent Entity ministries and Br~ko District of B&H, especially with the Regulatory Agency for Telecommunications, aiming at reaching fair competitiveness, with no challenging or limiting of fair competitiveness, protection of copyrights, provision of efficient use and management of radio-frequencies resources and numbers in accordance to regulations in the area of radio communications and other recommendations of the International Telecommunications Union;
  • prepares laws and by-laws in the area of telecommunications and information and monitors their implementation, cooperates with other bodies in preparation of development plans and initiates, at state level, arrangements in relation to the issues of links system connections,
  • teaches usage of information-communications technologies;
  • stipulates regulations that fall within the area of informatics, improvement of connection of information-communications devices, creation of state e-mail strategy and participates in creation of regulatory principles.

Unit news

Deputy Minister Janjić opens BiH Postal Sector Reform Workshop

BiH Deputy Minister of Communications and Transport, Ognjen Janjić, opened today in Sarajevo the Workshop on the BiH Postal Sector Reform.


Investment in RAC is Investment in the Development of Media and Communications Sector in BiH

Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edin Forto, paid a visit to the Regulatory Agency for Communications and met with the Director General, Draško Milinović.


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